25 October 2016

Tips For Good Passwords

First let's start by defining bad passwords. Examples of bad passwords are Password1, 1234, phone numbers, addresses, birthdays, or any word found in any dictionary. Basically most of the passwords we've seen are bad passwords, and I bet you have some bad passwords also.

What is a good password. A good password is at least 23 characters of random generated characters consisting of upper case, lower case, numbers, and symbols. That is my requirement for my client's important data that I'm responsible for.

That's ridiculous you say, and you are right! However, with the evolution of password hacking technology it's an unfortunate reality.

How do you make a crazy password like that? Several Ways.....

  1. Make an acronym: We teach clients to take the first letter of each word in a funny phrase or a favorite Bible verse and make that into a password with some numbers and special characters thrown in. That makes a good password that is easy to remember but doesn't have dictionary words.
  2. Make a sentence but mispell the words: For example day would be dy or tomorrow would be tomrrw. Then pepper in your speical characeters and numbers.
  3. Split the syllables: Take for instance your cousins' names say Vince, Thomas, Bruce, and Carrie. take the first part of the name and string them together like this ViThomCarr, then pepper in some complexity to get this V!V!Th0mC@rrBruBru
  4. A Password Keeper or Safe; I think this is the best method. Use an encrypted password keeper like mSecure to store and make randomly-generated, unique passwords. Basically this is an app that stores and generates good passwords that are unique. This is important because it's a bad practice to use the same password across multiple accounts. This solution takes care of the issue of having to remember too many passwords and also the issue of having to come up with unique passwords that meet complexity requirements across many different websites.

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