30 November 2016

Home Internet Safety: How to Protect Your Home Network & Your Family

The internet can be a curse and a blessing all at once. It's a great tool for all the information and conveniences it can bring us access to within seconds. On the other hand the internet spans the entire globe with little regulation, and as we know we're at risk of viruses, email hacking, ransomware, identity theft, and more. As the internet has become ubiquitous so have the monetary rewards from exploiting the users of the internet.

We at ACS frequently get asked: how can we protect our family, our children, from the unsavory things on the internet. Some of the concerns are more general like limiting time spent surfing to more specific like blocking adult content. Another concern is how to keep their devices safe from viruses. Until recently, to offer a truly robust features that our client's have requested we've found that only business class routers had the features that would satisify their demands. The problem with that is that the business class routers, entry level models even, start in the range of ~$400. We've found that to be outside of the price range people are willing to spend. The good news is that now we can offer those features in the price range of the average residential router that people are more willing to invest in.

If you find that you need to limit family members' surfing time, access to inappropriate websites, or just want a router that offers you an additional layer of protection beyond the usual residential router and anti-virus software applications, please contact us for more info.

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