Karl Eggerss, Eggerss Capital Management

Accurate Computer Solutions (ACS) got a referral to help Karl Eggerss out at his house. We learned that another IT vendor had installed a wifi system at his house, and it hadn't ever worked efficiently despite costing a large amount. Karl didn't want to spend any more money on the system than he already had. We were granted permission to come see what we could do to help knowing fully well that we wouldn't be making any money. It was our intention to earn his business.

We went onsite, and spent a good 3-4 hours in the hot attic redoing wiring, configurations, settings, and more that was not done correctly including giving network cables and other materials pro bono. We got Karl's system running efficiently using best practices and exceeded his expectations. This was in the summer of 2016.

We didn't see a return on this investment until the beginning of 2017 when we helped Karl at his office. Again we found things that were not done to best practices by the same vendor and the guest network had never worked since its implementation. We re-engineered his network to allow a fully functional guest network that was truely separate from the internal network with highly classified financial information. We also were able to allow his associates to get to important websites that were being blocked by the previous vendor's equipment. Furthermore we gave Karl full control of his equipment so he wouldn't be locked into the control of a particular vendor's shadow IT.

40,000 Acre Hunting Ranch on King Ranch Frontage

This ranch is a very high dollar elite hunting ranch in Kingsville Texas. As you would imagine it's not near a major city and is hard to get high speed internet. The challenge is that the kind of clientele that hunts there wants high speed internet to keep in touch with the companies that they own, and the ranch staff uses the internet for entertainment purposes such as streaming music.

A previous vendor had attempted to set up a system using their proprietary firewall to provide internet using Exede's satellite internet and also AT&Ts 4G broadband. This was then distriubuted via point to point wireless to the various ranch buildings. Prior to ACS's involvement the internet was always going down for no reason, and the it was hard to get a hold of the vendor to administer their proprietary firewall. Needless to say, the ranch personnel were frustrated, and our referral source hired us as they were going to lose the client with the other vendor's equipment and lack of support.

We came in and suggested an industry standard equipment that was built specifically for the kind of connections being used and gave our referral source the ability to monitor the status of the equipment from Boerne saving valuable time going to Kingsville. Our re-engineering the network made it much more stable and the continuous outages stopped. Thusly, the client was very happy.

Sometime later, the client told us the internet was much much improved, but they had trouble with their internet music stopping and skipping songs, and the clients really enjoyed the music at night. We went down there and thought we had it fixed after testing the streaming music for several hours and tested further the next day. However, we learned that it was still skipping, not as bad, but still skipping.

So, our team hired an expert from a company that does point to point wireless commercially on a very large scale to help and be a consultant. The expert recommend some changes and helped implement them. The problem went away during arduous testing.

Later on, we learned that the problem was still happening albeit lesser than before. ACS was asked if we had any ideas even if they were a long shot as almost all avenues had been tried. We stepped in again, and had an idea that we implemented. The idea successfully solved the problem with the music skipping. We also set up a system where our referral source could monitor all the systems remotely.

We have since been able to help the client get a much faster connection that doesn't have a data CAP thus saving the client a lot of money and frustration when going over their data CAP. The client is very happy with the system, and it has worked flawlessly during this hunting season with groups of 20+ hunters.


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